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Some ESA staff with some of our fabulous board members!


Sarah Withrow King

September 1-4: Sarah Withrow King facilitating the Christian Animal Welfare Summit at the Jesus Vegans Center – Huntsville, AR

September 8-9: Kristyn Komarnicki at LOVEboldly training seminar – Cincinnati, OH

September 17-19: Kristyn Komarnicki facilitating Oriented to Love – Haverford, PA

September 23: Kristyn Komarnicki addresses sexual/gender diversity in the church at Biblical Theological Seminary – Hatfield, PA


Kristyn Komarnicki

October 13-15: Kristyn Komarnicki hosts Oriented to Love’s semi-annual alumni reunion – Portland, OR (event open to dialogue alums only)


Nikki Toyama-Szeto

December 1-3: Sarah Withrow King hosting a CreatureKind Spiritual Retreat – Philadelphia, PA