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ESA staff from left to right: Nikki Toyama-Szeto, Micky ScottBey Jones, Elrena Evans, Darren Calhoun, Katie Tan, John Seel, Kristyn Komarnicki, Sarah Withrow King


January 6: CreatureKind Reception at the Society of Christian Ethics conference – Portland, OR

January 18-21: Kristyn Komarnicki at the Gay Christian Network conference Denver, CO

January 23: Micky ScottBeyJones speaks at Wake Forest School of Divinity Chapel  Winston-Salem, NC

January 24: Micky ScottBey Jones leads Pathways in Ministry Workshop at Wake Forest School of Divinity  Winston-Salem, NC

January 25: Nikki Toyama-Szeto at the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Midwinter 2018 – Chicago, IL

January 25: Micky ScottBey Jones leads Brave Space: Co-Creating Beloved Community workshop at Houghton College’s 2018 Faith and Justice Symposium – Houghton, NY

January 25-27: Kristyn Komarnicki facilitating Oriented to Love – Haverford, PA

January 31: Elrena Evans “Gender and Life at the Intersection” panel at Forest Hills Mennonite Church – Leola, PA


February 1-2: Elrena Evans attending the Disability and Youth Ministry Conference at Princeton Theological Seminary – Princeton, NJ

February 7: Micky ScottBey Jones dinner & discussion with POC students and Act 101 counselor at Eastern – Philadelphia, PA

Feb 9-10:  All: ESA board meeting, Philadelphia, PA

February 15: Ron Sider speaking at Ambler Press – Philadelphia, PA

February 22: Ron Sider speaking at Ambler Press – Philadelphia, PA


March 1: Ron Sider speaking at Ambler Press – Philadelphia, PA

March 8 and 9: John Seel speaking for New Canaan Society in Manhattan and New Jersey

March 12 (week): John Seel tentative date for next salon pending Eastern schedule and facility availability

March 3-13: Ron Sider speaking with Protestant pastors – Egypt

March 14: Kristyn Komarnicki speaks to Haverford Ministerium about OTL – Haverford, PA

March 15: Ron Sider speaking at Ambler Press – Philadelphia, PA

March 16-18: Kristyn Komarnicki offers dialogue facilitation training – Haverford, PA (open to dialogue alums only)

March 21-30: Micky ScottBey Jones LA Tour: Speaking at The Loft LA, The Liturgists event – Los Angeles, CA

March 22: Ron Sider speaking at Princeton Seminary – Princeton, NJ

March 23: Nikki Toyama-Szeto speaking at Eastern University’s Windows on the World – St. Davids, PA


April 6-8: Kristyn Komarnicki facilitating Oriented to Love dialogue – Dallas, TX

April 6-8: Micky ScottBey Jones speaking at the Revolutionary Love Conference – NYC

April 12-14: Elrena Evans at the Festival of Faith and Writing at Calvin College – Grand Rapids, MI

April 13-15: Kristyn Komarnicki hosts Oriented to Love’s semi-annual alumni reunion – Bangor, PA (event open to dialogue alums only)

April 16-20: CreatureKind at Yale Divinity School’s Graduate Conference in Religion and Ecology and other east coast trips

April 22: Ron Sider speaking at Old Pine Church – Philadelphia, PA

April 26-28: Micky ScottBey Jones participating in Movies & Meaning Festival

TBD: Nikki Toyama-Szeto at Christian Embassy, DC


May 4-5:  Micky ScottBey Jones and others Voices Conference, ESA sponsored Track

May 7-9: Nikki Toyama-Szeto speaks at Regent Seminary’s Pastors and Church Leaders Conference – Vancouver, BC

May 29-30: Nikki Toyama-Szeto speaks at Murdock Trust’s Women in Leadership Symposium – Vancouver, WA


June 1-3: Ron Sider speaking at church – Toronto, Canada

June 13-15: Nikki Toyama-Szeto presenting at the Sojourner’s Summit for Change – Washington, DC

June 21-23: Kristyn Komarnicki facilitating Oriented to Love – Portland, OR


September 6-8: Kristyn Komarnicki facilitating Oriented to Love – Cincinnati, OH


October 4-6: Kristyn Komarnicki at Level Ground festival in LA, CA