Write for Us

ESA publishes content in a wide range of styles, linked by ESA’s central commitment that every Christian be a faithful disciple—marked by service to the poor and powerless, reverence for life, care for creation, and passionate witness to Jesus Christ.

We seek to be a prophetic, consistently biblical voice in the North American church, reminding Christians of the gospel’s call to whole-life discipleship and challenging and equipping them to follow Christ in both word and deed.

The best way to understand the style and perspective of ESA is to read our publications, including the blog and PRISM magazine archives. You can save both your time and ours by being genuinely familiar with the types of issues we address, the way we approach those issues, and the level of writing we expect.

We accept unsolicited submissions. Query letters are sometimes enough to pique our interest and convince us to work with a writer unknown to us, but in general we prefer to read an entire manuscript. (Queries should always be accompanied by examples of published writing.) We look for pieces anywhere from 800 to 3000 words. If you have good photographs to accompany the story, mail or email them to us. New writers should be prepared to work on spec, as assignments are only rarely given to writers we have not yet worked with.

We are not responsible for unsolicited material, and will not return manuscripts. We do not publish poetry or fiction.

Payment is made within 30 days of publication, the rate depends on the type and length of the material, but is not more than $50/800 words or $25/photograph.

The subjects we are most open to include social justice features, Christianity and how it relates to contemporary culture, holistic ministry profiles, and spiritual challenges.

Submissions should be emailed to our editor.