Anthony Grimes

anthony-grimesAnthony Grimes engages community building and social justice with a rare combination of lived experience, thoughtful reflection, and innovative leadership. His Park Hill neighborhood was one of the most turbulent in the nation during the nationally recognized gang war that plagued Denver in the 1990’s. The context of the city — both its social ills and special sense of community — serves as the mimesis for his leadership in a broad range of social sectors. Yet, in every role, he has brought a singular vision of redeeming communities across urban America, especially for the sake of disenfranchised youth.

Anthony became the first in his family to graduate from college, and was recognized by Colorado State University as a Distinguished First Generation Scholar before receiving his B.A. in Speech Communication and Ethnic Studies. He went on to receive a Master of Divinity degree from Denver Seminary, and was recognized by the staff and his peers with two of the top honors of the school (The Raymond Mcglaughlin Award for Distinguished Scholarship in Preaching and The Carey S. Thomas Award for Excellence in Christian Leadership and Service).

In addition to being a prolific writer and speaker, Anthony is the CEO and founder of Urbanmuse Media, as well as the founder of the Park Hill Parish — a start up organization focused on organizing collective impact and building beloved community in Denver. He is a leader in the Christian Community Development Association, a graduate of the Black Chamber of Commerce Chamber Connect Program, and a special student of the late Black-led freedom movement icon, Dr. Vincent Harding. He lives with his wife and two kids live in Park Hill, the neighborhood in Denver in which he was raised. Learn more at blog.