Marg Herder


Marg Herder is a writer, audio artist, photographer, and feminist spiritual seeker.  She currently serves as Director of Public Information for EEWC-Christian Feminism Today.

The primary focus of her creative work is exploring the connective tissue between incarnation and spirituality, especially as it relates to issues of gender and LGBTQ justice.

Marg writes frequently for Christian Feminism Today and is the author of CFT’s Where She Is blog.  Her guest posts have appeared on several websites including: Bilerico, ePistle, Theoblogy, Church in the Canyon, and God Is Not A Guy.

She created the audio component for both Stephanie Lewis Robertson’s “The Infinite Moment of Now,” and Sofiya Inger’s “Story Dome” multimedia installations.  Her songs, the provocative “A Name” and the gentler “At Her Table,” have been featured on Christian feminist websites, and are also available on iTunes.

Her photo/poetry piece, “Surrender,” was recently included in Christian Theological Seminaries “Risk of Faith” exhibition.

Learn more about Marg and her work on her website,