Prayer as an Act of Resistance

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  1. Rev. Gil Caldwell says:

    I respond to these powerful and beautiful words from Derek Minno Bloom as I await tonight’s Republican debate.
    I wonder if on this eve of Martin Luther King’s January 15th birthday there will be any articulation of Dr. King’s
    “Beloved Community” in the debate among the nomination contestants? Derek has brought a “breath
    of fresh justice air” to the Asbury Park, NJ community. I, as an 82 year old “foot soldier” in the Civil
    Rights Movement, am delighted that Derek is here in Asbury Park. May his writings and activism come to
    be known to a vast array of persons. The posting of his words is a great beginning!

  2. Maureen Shaffer says:

    Terrific article. My favorite phrases are, “Some Christians talked a lot about hope, but not much about making those hopes a reality” and, “They launched many campaigns based on charity, but few based on solidarity.” Well stated.

  3. Chelsea Page says:

    A wonderful example of mutual evangelization, that in reaching out to Dine folks in appreciation of their faith led you back to your own faith in a deeper way. Thanks for your open spirit, and boldness to pray for a new creation!

  4. Michael Way says:

    Mr. Minno-Bloom’s essay speaks directly to true discipleship, which cannot be separated from love-based activism and prayer. Thank you so much for your inspiring words!

    • MB says:

      While Mr. Minno’s words rightly laud the cause of justice and significance of spirituality in people’s lives, he fails to understand that anarcho-primitivism does not engender civilization and altruism, but rather leads to authoritarianism and cruelty.

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