Christianity Is Neither Democratic nor Republican—It’s Better Than Both

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  1. Jim Baton says:

    Amen, Stephen! Good article!
    We’ve gotten to a place in our society where our labels make us feel somehow superior, even more righteous, than those with the other labels. We’ve even gone beyond “Republicans” and “Democrats” to a new label–“Trump Supporters”–spoken in a derisive tone in many contexts, as though supporting our president is a shameful thing.
    Jesus was no stranger to labels, being called, “friend of tax collectors and sinners,” “partner with Beelzebub,” “anti-Caesar,” etc., but Jesus himself was careful not to label others. On the contrary, he told stories that exalted those with negative cultural labels, such as praising the tax collector who humbly prayed, or the Samaritan who loved a Jew like a neighbor.
    We who profess to follow Jesus need to lead the way in ignoring labels and loving all of our neighbors, especially those different than us, as Jesus loved.

    • Mike M says:

      Supporting a President who doesn’t deserve support is shameful. But, that’s up to each person to decide. I’m sure if Trump goes too far you will not support him, similar to the way John the Baptist and Jesus did not support King Herod. In fact, they opposed him.

  2. Michelle Floyd Bickers says:

    Ahhhhh, Stephen, you have spoken the truth! I find myself incredibly disillusioned with both parties, believers who claim Jesus but engage in vitriolic posts, and fellow Christians who have embraced despair when hope is at the center of our faith. Have we forgotten? Thank you for reminding us of our call, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself.”

  3. Malcolm Watts says:

    Thank you for this article. What if a large number of thoughtful Christians, Evangelicals in particular, withdrew from any party political connection ? And, instead, asked searching questions of those seeking political office. Questions that, precisely and with firmness, required practical policy answers. Answers that are made public. On issues that centre around matters of justice, political motivation, human relationships. Such a move may inject reflection, consistency, moral clarity, ethical substance into political elections. And increase a positive christian distinctiveness.

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