The Kingdom of Heaven Starts at Home: Confronting Christian Male-Identified Privilege and Violence

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4 Responses

  1. Jerod says:

    Thanks for the transparency and wisdom, Derek. There is much to reflect on here.

  2. Kerry Thompson says:

    Transparency is so powerful, male identied folks becoming vulnerable can be a real change agent in society. Thanks for the article.

  3. Tim Kramer says:

    Great thoughts, Derek! Thanks for the vulnerability in sharing your own story. It seems to come down to choosing love and humility despite our background, gender, etc. To follow Christ means to be like him – not through striving, but through humility.

  4. JP Ross says:

    Thank you Derek for this article. I really resonated with it. Deconstructing patriarchal violence and white privilege is an going prayer and action for me. I saw how faking into the same patterns as my dad I ruined my own relationship. But thank god for wisdom and grace. We can change daily and I really appreciated the call for men to seek help from a “wide diversity of influence” that’s imperative. I hope more if this kind of writing continues. Thanks.

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