How ESA Does Holistic Ministry

Think Glocally, Act Faithfully

Holistic Ministry requires the renewing of the church for mission.

Mission is integral to what it means to be the church. Without the outward looking gaze, the larger beyond-itself purpose, the Christ-centered, Spirit-inspired vision for global transformation—in a word, without mission—we fall short of being the New Testament ekklesia. To be missional means to join God’s mission in Christ to transform the world. To be a missional church is to strive in the Spirit to be authentically relational, intellectually and theologically grounded, culturally and socio-economically diverse, and radically committed to both God and neighbor, especially the poor. And you don’t have to leave the country to do it. Take a look at Acts 1:8. The mission moves from local to global. It begins on the local level and extends to the ends of the earth. And how well we “do mission” at home will inform how well we do mission “over there.” Mission must be radically local, and committed to go global. There is no distinction between what we do “over there” and what we’re supposed to do “right here.” No matter where in the world we are, our mission from Jesus is to bear witness to the good news of the kingdom through both word and deed. So it is not global mission or local mission, but “glocal mission.” Glocal mission is bearing witness to the gospel of the kingdom by both word and deed on the local level until it extends globally to the whole world.

ESA works for local congregational renewal through and for mission.

We do this in a variety of ways:

Resources for Discipleship. ESA creates and publishes resources that help churches to nurture and train disciples that live out Jesus’ call to make radical love visible here in the world through a holistic and well-rounded approach to Christian ministry and political engagement. These resources include study guidessmall group guides, articles, publishing booksbook reviewsvideos, and more.

Family Advocates. Holistic ministry recognizes the variety of factors that play on individuals and families in our churches and in the world. Our partnership with the Family Strengthening Network will provide training for Family Advocates, who will be able to come alongside local churches in providing holistic ministry to families and individuals who experience a diverse set of needs – spiritual, emotional, physical, economic, mental, and more.