Fostering Sexual Wholeness Fund

Are you called to partner with ESA to help foster sexual wholeness in the church?

Over the past number of years, Kristyn Komarnicki has felt called to address matters of sexual justice. Influenced and cheered on by friends and mentors in the contemporary abolition movement, Kristyn has worked vigorously to keep human trafficking, prostitution, pornography, sexual abuse, and gender justice in ESA’s conversations.

Most recently, Kristyn has designed and implemented a dialogue about sexual/gender diversity in the church, Oriented to Love, which has as its goal helping Christians of differing sexual/gender orientations and theological convictions know and understand each other rather than vilify and fight each other.

Kristyn has also trained as an anti-pornography activist and educator and interviewed experts to deepen and broaden her knowledge of the issues. She offers her speaking and education services to high schools, colleges, seminaries, churches, and public events whenever and wherever possible. Kristyn’s efforts have been well received, and Christians for Biblical Equality gave her their Micah Award in 2011, which “honors those who exhibit courage, creativity, and tenacity in opposing abuse and advancing justice for women and children in Christ’s name.”

All of these topics and efforts have in common Kristyn’s deep desire for wholeness in the church. She is driven by both a personal passion for justice and sexual wholeness, and by a professional desire to help Christians carefully consider the implications of their beliefs about human sexuality.

Will you partner with Kristyn and ESA in this calling? ESA has felt a call to set up a special fund specifically for our work on sexual justice. Donations to the Fostering Sexual Wholeness Fund will be used towards several crucial projects, including:

  • Helping community, church, and nonprofit groups offset the costs for sexual wholeness education. Many of the groups that ask Kristyn to come speak cannot afford the suggested honorarium. We send her anyway, but this can eat significantly into ESA’s other time and budget demands.
  • Mentoring students and young adults who are hungry for a better conversation in the church about sexuality.
  • Allowing Kristyn to continue her research and to participate in sexual justice forums across the country.

Will you partner with us in this work by giving a donation to the Fostering Sexual Wholeness Fund?

You can donate online (use this link) or by check (made out to ESA with “Fostering Sexual Wholeness” on the memo line) sent to ESA, PO Box 367, Wayne, PA 19087.

Thank you.