Escaping Whiteness

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  1. Jim Welch says:

    I suppose the following is up for debate. But at least for today, it seems as though scripture speaks of 3 people groups.

    Jews, Gentiles, and the Church (Eklesia, or called out ones). Yes there are certainly other names in the OT or like Samaritans in the NT. But it boils down to Jews, Gentiles and the called out ones. At birth, everyone was a Jew or Gentile, and later God showed us a new identity, when we were born again.

    In my opinion, it is very easy to get lost in the weeds of racial issues. As the teacher used to say in Algebra, break it down to the least common denominator. IE, Jews, Gentiles, or the Church. Or you probably could even go a step further and say those that are dead to sin, and alive to Christ.

    The commission of the Lord is “believe on me” and “go make disciples”. It is the Lord’s way. Everything else gets us lost out yonder.

  2. Greg Fletcher says:

    I feel that the whole issue of racism seems to be very narrowly-focused, mainly concerning the appalling treatment of Blacks. But, we need to recognise that there is racism in all peoples, whatever their colour. The Bible talks about all of us need to repent of our prejudice, forgive everyone and learn to love them (‘Love your enemies’). By focussing on one aspect, is likely to lead to polarisation, instead of reconciliation. We need a new way to deal with the hurts that many communities feel, and deal with the pride we all have as to our superiority – this is where our focus should be on both Jesus as Lord and Jesus as Saviour as it is only God that can change us, by His Spirit working within us on a daily basis; hence the importance of a wholistic Gospel of the Kingdom of God. This is not just about salvation, or social justice, but also in worship, community and discipling as well as sharing our faith.

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