Our Current Abortion Law as a Product of Men

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  1. Angel Logue says:

    Thank you for sharing some of the little-known stories behind how we got to this awful place. I believe life is sacred, but much has to change in our political and cultural life that validates that belief for women to “choose life.”

  2. Even more persuasively argued than Serrin Foster’s great “Feminist Case Against Abortion” speech, and that’s nothing to sneeze at. Nicely done.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I have always felt that abortion was anti-feminist, but don’t let feminists hear you say that! 50 years ago why did women risk their lives and reproductive health in dodgey back yard abortions? It certainly had nothing to do with the fear of dying or having their bodies damaged by birth! All the reasons elective abortions exist are misogynist reasons.

    • Well written article and I DO understand this point of view, but I have to say that I know plenty of women in college who, if they got pregnant and abortion was illegal, they would have found a way to self-abort b/c accidents happen. Women who want to be educated will not risk dropping out of college for a kid. Women need to have control over WHEN they have kids, and women ARE allowed to enjoy sex.

      I understand this is a religious right-wing view to tell women what to do with their pregnancies. Well, it’s not up to men or women to tell women what choices to make in their own lives. Making sure kids get quality sex ed is imperative to lessen the number of abortion to even lower than it already is. We have ample evidence that “abstinence only education” does not work. See Bristol Palin, text book case.

      We learned how pregnancy happens in 5th grade. If I compare all the non-religious “science oriented families (pilots, engineers, teachers, medical professionals), with those that focused on religion (no higher level jobs, lower success in college, kids earlier in life before education complete), the non-religious have FAR fewer rates of divorce and kids out of wedlock. I’ve asked many who were raised religious if religion confuses people about sex, and the answer is always a resounding “YES!”

      So please, no need to be embarrassed. In case people haven’t noticed, the planet is busting at it’s seams with people. There are hundreds of millions of unwanted kids, do we really want neglect to get worse than it already is, by people who are not ready for kids? We are at max capacity on this planet! My rent has gone up $110/mo over 8yrs! Housing shortages world-wide. In the 1970’s a 2 bedroom home, with attic and basement cost $21,000! No way can Gen X-ers afford a home and it’s so wrong!

      Planned Parenthood provides great education and NEVER did the word “abortion” come up in the decade that I went to one! Condoms fail, birth control fails, and when it does, women need other options. I understand that in the religious community sex is meant to be for procreation, so maybe many can’t understand the need for them to be available. I’ve only known one couple who had one, they later got married after college and have two beautiful girls now. They didn’t want to lose their education and be caught in the cycle of poverty. Religious people have them too, they just don’t want to admit it. Double standard.

      Please please understand that access IS helping women, and mainly helping them from becoming single mothers, many of whom are an unavoidable burden on society b/c they have them before education is complete. I think that abortion SHOULD NOT be used as birth control. If a woman has had two or three, then maybe she should be forced to have her tubes tied b/c clearly she isn’t responsible enough to take a pill daily.

      Please help to protect women from back-alley abortions. The coat-hanger thing is REAL. Please research what happens when abortion is made illegal. Women do it anyway and end up dead. That’s not a fair punishment for someone who is terrified.

    • Whoops, I was commenting on the article, not you. But I would like to add that I WAS terrified of the pain of child birth! And b/c I was an athlete, and every woman in my family to have kids, got massively overweight, and then add in the loud girls outside my bedroom window on weekend mornings while I was exhausted from studies, well, that was enough to make me not want to have kids. Oh yeah, and the government made it too expensive too! Plus I was afraid of a man leaving me as a single mom. All those factors led to me not having kids. Now that I’m older, I see the value even though it’s selfish. Once someone told me the reason to have kids is so that you have someone to take care of you when old, and I found that to be selfish and not a good enough reason. I sometimes regret it, but there’s only one man I dated who I would have considered having kids with. Now, I’m probably unable b/c I’m underweight, undiagnosed, and Drs have given up and just want me to hurry up and die already!

  4. andrew watkins says:

    As one who is old enough to have cared for the complications of backyard abortions I find this argument selective and simplistic. Unsafe abortion remains one of the leading killers of women in the world.

    You omit to mention that all of the laws proscribing abortion, which go back millennia, were written by men in patriarchal societies. For all of this time women have continued to choose to take the risk of abortion. I think that this counts as voting with one’s feet ( and also reflects desperation and a lack of choices about either contraception or other aspects of life )

    One rather suspect that the reason that abortion and contraception have been so closely regulated by patriarchal societies is because women’s bodies are media through which men transmit property, having little to do with any concern for the interests of women.

    It is also worth noting that many of the studies associating abortion with intimate partner violence also show evidence of precisely other effects as well – forced pregnancy and denial of abortion or contraception. The core issue seems to be more to do with abusive male control over women in general.

    Why not just let the women make up their minds and stay out of it?

    • Janet says:

      Thank You! Andrew. We need more men to change the minds of these politicians who I think want masses of unwanted kids so that they can build up the military. Like how things were back before WWII draft. So many kids had poor education and if it wasn’t for things like the GI Bill, kids wouldn’t have had a good education, trade, or business. School lunch program was started when the draft started b/c they saw how malnourished the boys were! The US doesn’t have a billion people now b/c we’ve been responsible with our birth control and to be honest, I don’t want to live in a US with any more people than we already have!

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