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  1. Mike Nacrelli says:

    It’s truly disheartening to read such an endorsement of heresy on the ESA web site. Has ESA now abandoned its previous commitment to orthodox biblical teaching on homosexuality?

    For anyone interested in a thorough rebuttal of Wilson’s errors, check out:




    • Charlie Huttar says:

      You can rebut all you want, in the end you are spreading a message of hatred. Love and hate are not based on how you feel inside, or any academic argument, but on how your actions and words affect others. Your actions and words discourage other humans, and are hateful.

  2. Uber Genius says:

    If one refuses to engage in a discussion of what counts for orthodoxy and why, one ends up with a simple historical account. Do you eat meet sacrificed to idols? Well, how would you know? Why was it one of the findings of the first church council and yet there is not much mention of it in the last millennia?

    Perhaps a more straightforward example is necessary. The Bible has clear teaching on consumerism and what counts as greed (materialism). Yet our evangelical churches are chock full of individuals who own $100,000+ in luxury vehicles, and homes in excess of $1,000,000! Why the silence on matters of stewardship?

    Turns out what counts for orthodoxy is a combination of what is accepted by culture and how we emphasize aspects of systematic theology, followed, or perhaps superseded, by pastoral pragmatism (after all, they need to pay for their homes and cars as well, and sometimes these are of the luxury variety as well).

  3. Charlie Huttar says:

    Ken, to paraphrase something I said earlier, you are top notch.

  1. April 4, 2017

    […] Wilson is the author of A Letter to my Congregation, which this Atheist believes is an important […]

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