I Stand with the 19% Who Resisted…And I’m Not Leaving the Evangelical Church

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  1. Rev. Dr. James L. Peterson says:

    As a child of God as well, I am graciously and respectfully asking you to consider applying the same “policy” to the articles you present as you request from those of us who choose to comment. Failure to do so works against facilitating a loving conversation. Name calling and sweeping condemnation is exactly what this article has presented in reference to Franklin Graham and “plenty of unknown white evangelical pastors that are also ineffective and complacent.” I support your objective and share this work with you, but your process is counterproductive. Value must be attributed to every member of the body of Christ – even Franklin Graham and “unknown white evangelical pastors.” Unless it is your self-identified “prophetic voice” that has decided who is and who is not a legitimate child of God. If your purpose really is to facilitate loving conversation, it would be helpful if everyone in the conversation remembers that we are all children of God and abstains from name-calling, etc. Please receive my observation as a suggestion as to how invite and engage even more evangelicals identified as the 81%. And if you should think differently, please disregard my suggestion and I’ll pray for God’s blessing and best in your work. Thank you for listening to my perspective.

  2. Jim Welch says:

    There is a simple thought that comes to mind regarding this article.
    Are we going to trust Jesus, or not.

  3. I do not understand why Franklin Graham has said some of the things he has said, especially with all the great work both the BGEA and Samaritan’s Purse (both of which he leads) do throughout the world. Maybe, he and other leaders who hold similar views, should meet with other Evangelical leaders who hold different views, to discuss these differences, based on facts and reality. For evangelicals need to speak with one voice on as many issues as possible, in an attitude of love and service, so as to draw others to Jesus instead of turning them away from Him.

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