Francesca Nuzzolese

Dr. Francesca Nuzzolese is afrancesca native of Italy but has been a citizen of the world for most of her life. Her love for the world and for diversity in all its forms was nurtured in her family and in her home church, where she learned that faith, justice, and compassion must be always interrelated in the pursuit of loving and kin-dom like communities.

From 2005-2016 she was on the faculty at Palmer Theological Seminary and Eastern University, teaching in the areas of spiritual formation, pastoral care and counseling, and pastoral theology. She was also a pastoral psychotherapist and spiritual director at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church in Philadelphia. In 2017 Dr. Nuzzolese became associate professor of pastoral care and counseling at Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

As a scholar, activist and clergywoman, she is committed to the organic and intentional integration of theory and pastoral praxis, issues of faith and social justice, the gifts of faith communities and the needs of the world. Leading spiritual retreats and offering educational workshops on a variety of psycho-spiritual and social issues is an expression of such commitments: to see growth and transformation in individuals, families, and communities, both domestically and internationally.

An integral part of her current work is expressed through research, advocacy and education in the anti-trafficking movement.  Her writing focuses on the young victims of the sex and labor trade and on their tales of de-humanization. She is the author and producer of a play, Lifeline, which tracks the stories of trafficked girls around the world. In 2014 she founded Be the Lifeline, a nonprofit organization focused on supporting people on the front lines of anti-trafficking work.

Dr. Nuzzolese provides spiritual direction for ESA's Oriented to Love dialogues, a program she believes is the foundation for building more loving, inclusive and truly compassionate communities.