ESA Speakers

The ESA team is comprised of dynamic, passionate, subject matter experts that cover a range of fields including leadership, poverty, racial justice, gender/sexual diversity and more, all from a faith-informed perspective. If your organization is in need of a plenary speaker, workshop leader, or a preacher, please contact us!

Speaker: Nikki Toyama-Szeto

Speaking from her experiences living among marginalized communities in the slum districts of Nairobi, Cairo and Bangkok, Nikki is passionate about helping Christian churches and organizations foster a faith-fueled commitment to God's work of justice. She also provides prophetic challenge for seasoned justice practitioners to go and grow further.  

Her particular areas of focus are the interplay between justice and leadership, partnering with the Global Church, engaging with race and gender issues, anti-poverty, and justice-fueled spirituality. She uses her skills at casting vision to help groups who feel overwhelmed open their imaginations to see opportunites and identify key first steps.


  • Biblical foundations for justice, for engaging with poverty, for engaging with cultures, and fighting racism, God's shalom, prophetic presence
  • Spiritual practices for justice workers; prayer and justice, spiritual formation and justice
  • Creating justice-oriented organizations
  • Leadership: creating leadership pipelines for leaders of color and women;  leading across great difference; practical leadership practices
  • Centering voices at the margins

Speaker: Kristyn Komarnicki

Kristyn is our director dialogue and the creator of our Oriented to Love dialogues about sexual/gender diversity in the church. She is fascinated and encouraged by what happens when we approach our"other" with vulnerability, bravery, curiosity and humility, assuming the posture of learners. Kristyn facilitates two-day, intimate retreats that help Christians of different sexual orientations, gender identities, and theological convictions come together to get to know, understand, and love each other, unified by the love of Christ (a "unity that is deeper than agreement"). Kristyn enjoys helping people of all kinds have more generative conversations, reframing conflict not as something to be feared or avoided but as an opportunity for maturing in Christ.


  • Dialogue across deep difference
  • Understanding the experiences of gender minority Christians

Speaker: Andre Henry

Andre is a creative with a deep passion for racial justice. He is a student  of nonviolent struggle and social change, including studying leadership in nonviolent movements for social change through the Harvard Kennedy School. He specializes in using digital media to educate and mobilize audiences for racial justice and social progress. He  has also earned theology degrees from both Southeastern University and Fuller Seminary.


  • Racial Justice
  • Practical Theology