Emmanuel in Loss

Illustration by monicore / pixabay.com

By Katelyn Durst


This year began with tears

dark nights where there was

no teapot whistling on the stove to

keep us warm.


Many of us had hopes and dreams

but they were dashed like an ocean

wave across a rocky coast.


How can we dream when there is

fear in every corner and news article?


There is no way God is with us, even in all of this.


What if God is in the dark eyes of a stranger

whose prayers are dusty with words in another language?


What if God is in the hopefulness of children who huddle in emergency rooms

faces all blood and bruises, orphaned by another chemical attack?


What if God is in the silence and fear of not wanting to go outside

because you are the wrong color and might get shot?


I am convinced that God is much more with us

when we are oppressed and broken than

when all of our prayers are coming true.


God is in the unanswered promise

and the trial that makes us question our identity

God is in death and near to us who feel

poverty crumbling our bones to shreds.


In the midst of pain, homelessness and disease

he takes our paralytic hands

and leads us to a manger


The King lays there

in a place filled with hay and manure.

Where a single star shines and pierces the threat of darkness.


Katelyn Durst is a community artist, creative activist, teacher and youth worker. She has worked within urban youth development and urban community development for ten years and has taught poetry for six years, recently conducting poetry therapy workshops at a youth psychiatric hospital, and for Freedom Schools summer programming in a workshop focused on healing from the unjust deaths of youth of color. Katelyn is currently pursuing a master's in Urban Studies and Community Arts from Eastern University with a focus on trauma-informed art-making to build sustainable and transformative resiliency within urban/inner-city and displaced communities. In her spare time, she dreams of becoming an urban beekeeper. She is poet-in-residence at The Mudroom.

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