Church-Based Ministry Connects People to Jobs

Jubilee Jobs has helped over 24,000 individuals find employment. A mission of the Church of the Saviour in Washington DC, it began in 1981 by helping one Jubilee Housing resident find work.

Some of the staff at Jubilee Jobs.

Their completely free placement program works just like a professional job placement process. After a few days of job preparation–references checked, interview workshops, resume preparation, interview clothing obtained–participants are sent on job interviews. The openings are identified by Jubilee's job counselors. The motivated participant who follows through can expect to be employed within a month. Once hired, Jubilee Jobs provides supportive services and assists working applicants find better paying jobs.

In 2014 alone Jubilee found jobs for over 1,000 individuals, including 288 people who were homeless at the time. The ripple effect of those new jobs is evident in the 508 children that are now supported by the newly employed.

Think your church could offer a similar ministry? Jubilee Jobs hosts in-depth training sessions for individuals and organizations from around the country that are interested in replicating the program. Facilitated by one of Jubilee's experienced job counselors, these sessions include an opportunity to sit in on interviews, workshops, and marketing of applicants, as well as a look at their materials and data base. The goal is to have people leave the training with the knowledge and resources to begin a placement program in their own church. The program has already been replicated at Jubilee Jobs of Lexington, KY; Crossroads Jobs in Leesburg, VA; New Song Jobs and Development in Baltimore, MD; and Step-Up Ministries in Raleigh, NC .

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