Church + Good Leadership = Hope

When I look at the church, what gives me hope?

by Stephanie Summers

I am hopeful about the quality of people God is raising up. God has given the church the responsibility to wait on God for wisdom about God's purposes, Summersand the responsibility to act in light of that wisdom. I am quite hopeful about the type of leadership that God's people are looking to embrace in our thoroughly diverse society.

The desire on the part of God's people to recognize their responsibilities not only as members of the global church but also as citizens in shared political communities with a focus on justice for all people and institutions gives me hope. This requires an incredible amount of discernment and an ability to be people who are capable of sustaining study and taking actions that are deeply nuanced, because what a life of holiness among believers must look like does not always directly translate to figuring out how we live together in a pluralistic society.

Stephanie Summers is the CEO of the Center for Public Justice, an independent, non-partisan civic education and public policy organization based in Washington, DC, and is the publisher of the online journals Capital Commentary and Shared Justice.

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