Church + Light = Hope

When I look at the church, what gives me hope?Wilkerson

by Gary Wilkerson

The reason I have great hope for the church is that in the midst of the darkest times the church shines the brightest light. My father, David Wilkerson, challenged me and everyone around him to believe that Christ loves to do his greatest work in places and situations where people believe things are too far-gone or too impossible to change. That's why he began working with gangs. That's why he started Teen Challenge and a thriving church in the heart of New York City. He believed—and I do as well—that the church is the greatest hope for our city, our youth, and a culture gone mad. Christ is most honored when the people of God act as if they truly believe that he can make a difference rather than sitting on the sidelines bemoaning the difficulties of society.

Gary Wilkerson is president of World Challenge and pastor of The Springs Church in Colorado Springs, Co. He writes about his father, evangelist and Teen Challenge founder, in his just-released book, David Wilkerson: The Cross, the Switchblade, and the Man Who Believed (Zondervan).

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