Extreme Weather and the Vulnerable

Many are still reeling this morning from effects related to Hurricane Sandy. At press time, 97 people have reportedly died as a result of the storm. Businesses in some coastal towns may never open again. Hurricanes are a natural disaster, but many scientists believe that "extreme weather" is increasing in intensity and frequency as a result of the anthropogenic climate change. Evangelicals for Social Action reminds everyone of our commitment to good and biblical stewardship of the Earth, a topic which has received almost no attention in the national election campaigns. Please watch this 30-second video on extreme weather and climate change, prepared by our friends at the Evangelical Environmental Network, take a minute to forward it to your family and friends, and urge your community to make climate change a top policy priority in the coming year. And let us all continue to pray for the millions who have been negatively impacted by this devastating storm.

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