Three New Year's Resolutions for a Just Planet

Pledge to Take Action for Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest threats to our human community and the environment in this century. Global food supply, water sources, communities, human health, and businesses worldwide face serious threats if climate change continues unchecked. NASA has an excellent aggregate of resources on climate change—start there, and commit to making personal changes in 2020.


Shop for Fair Trade, Act for Trade Justice

Supermarkets, which dominate the consumer food market and control which products you can have access to, need to be responsive to consumer demand in order to be viable. So we're calling on individuals to adopt a local supermarket and ask their store to offer more Fair Trade products and do more to promote Fair Trade to their customers. Fair Trade America has good resources on how to start.


Make Your Books and Magazines Green

Nearly 95 percent of the magazines published in the U.S. contain NO recycled paper. Whenever you buy a book or magazine this year, commit to letting the publisher know that you want to see them switch to recycled and Earth-friendly papers

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