Generation E: Suzanah Raffield and Bold City Pops

1bold cityA series featuring young entrepreneurs and the faith that pushes them forward

by Robin Tierney

"My faith informs my business," says Suzanah Raffield, owner/operator of Bold City Pops. "Being self-employed helps me move towards the work I feel called to do as a minister," explains the farm-fresh ice pop artisan, who holds a Master of Divinity.

Parking her camper van at neighborhood events and parks, she demonstrates that edible treats can be wholesome while creating community with customers.

"Preparing food and feeding someone is a spiritual act that holds great meaning to me. Breaking bread, or shall I say popsicles, is a way to build up the body, especially when the food is as fresh and healthy as our pops."

Raffield picks her citrus at a friend's local grove. "Standing among the trees harvesting oranges is one of the most spiritual times of my year." The handmade process starts in the field and ends with sharing.

"Creating and selling popsicles is a way to observe and participate in embodied theology," says Raffield, sharing this passage from James B. Nelson:

"Body theology starts with the fleshly experiences of life—with our hungers and our passions, our bodily aliveness and deadness, with the smell of coffee, with the homeless and the hungry we see on our streets, with the warm touch of a friend."

DSC_0641.JPGTo that Raffield adds: "…with the scent of orange trees in bloom."

Robin Tierney, an award-winning arts and outdoors writer based in the South, can be reached at


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