1001 Ways to Die in America

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By Jim Baton

As a peacemaker who intentionally brings Muslims and Christians together with the goal of authentic friendship, I've been criticized for not treating the threat of a Muslim terrorist sneaking into the US by posing as a refugee as real. Let me be clear—this is a real threat. The events in Chattanooga and San Bernadino last year, where 19 were killed, and Orlando this year, where 49 were killed, remind us that there are Muslims motivated by hate who are willing to kill Americans.

At the same time, I'd like to bring some perspective to the actual danger this poses to you, because the fear of Muslim refugees that is saturating our media has been blown all out of proportion. Yes, there is a danger you may be killed by a Muslim refugee this year. There is also a danger you might have a tree fall on your head. And guess which one is more likely? The falling tree, by a long shot.

…the fear of Muslim refugees that is saturating our media has been blown all out of proportion.

Let's take a look at some actual statistics to determine how likely a Muslim terrorist refugee might be to cause your death. Is it really worth your anxiety, or would your worries be better invested somewhere else?

Here's what I discovered. Statistically speaking, you're more likely to be struck by lightning or die from a peanut allergy than to die in a Muslim terrorist attack. In fact, you're 10 times more likely to die by falling out of your own bed. You're about 80 times more likely to die by walking across the street. You're nearly 100 times more likely to die by texting while driving. And you're 700 times more likely to die by choosing to kill yourself.

That doesn't even account for the truly great killers among us, such as poor eating habits, the consumption of tobacco, alcohol or drugs, or being the victim of a medical error (your doctor or nurse is 4000 times more likely to kill you!).  

There are so many ways to die in America it's crazy. But dying at the hand of a Muslim terrorist is about as likely as discovering you had a long-lost identical twin. Last year's statistics show that more Americans were shot and killed by toddlers with guns than by Islamic terrorists!

And check this out—in all of 2015, do you know how many deaths in America were caused by Muslim refugees or illegal aliens? Zero. As in none. It never happened. (American citizens and permanent residents were responsible for Chattanooga, San Bernadino, and Orlando.)

So if America needs to close our borders or banish somebody or something, how about we start with tobacco, alcohol, fast food and incompetent medical professionals? Then we can move on to cell phones, peanuts, beds, trees and lightning. Next we'll get rid of toddlers. Then we can deal with those nasty, dangerous Muslim refugees.

So if America needs to close our borders or banish somebody or something, how about we start with tobacco, alcohol, and fast food?

For more insight on your deadliest enemies, check out 2016's latest statistics at: http://www.romans322.com/daily-death-rate-statistics.php

Some of you may think I'm wrong. You're welcome to argue your point! Go ahead and comment below.

My hope is that you live a long and fear-free life; that you take the time to introduce yourself to the Muslim refugee who moves into your neighborhood; that he has so many new friends in America who love him there's no one left to hate.

My hope is that you discover 1001 ways to love your neighbor in America.

Jim Baton and his family have spent the last 20 years building bridges between Christians and Muslims in Indonesia. In his newest novel, A Way out of Hell, a Muslim ex-terrorist and his Christian adopted daughter try to non-violently take down an ISIS cell bent on destroying their city. Learn more about Jim at his website.

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