Jesus Carried, but it Wasn't a Gun

Open Carry Church Sign

Image via Huffington Post

by Brian Pipkin

Rev. Nathan Dannison, senior pastor of First Congregational Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, asked the question: Did Jesus "open carry"? Yes, he did, explains Rev. Dannison. Jesus carried the Roman weapon of state execution—the cross on which he was crucified as a criminal.

The Kalamazoo community experienced a mass shooting that killed six people this February. When the local minor league baseball team announced a "2nd Amendment Appreciation Night" that allowed gun owners to open carry during the game, Rev. Dennison started a petition to boycott the team.

When asked about his church sign that says, "The only weapon Jesus ever 'open carried' was the cross," Rev. Dannison replied, "There is no reason for a Christian of good faith to carry a weapon." He continued, "Throw away your guns, sell them, destroy them, disarm, disarm, disarm!"

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