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detentionPlease join us in praying for Grassroots Leadership, an organization that is leading the fight to end family detention. Grassroots led the effort that closed all the family detention centers in 2009 (all but 96 beds), but we are currently back to 3,000 beds for women and children.

On May 2 there will be a march and rally to protest the most recent family detention center in Dilley, Texas.  We'll be covering this event and will post a report and photos next week, but we wanted to let you know ahead of time what's happening so that you can partner with the effort by praying

To learn more about the facts and this important advocacy work, check out the 20-minute documentary "No Sanctuary: The Big Business of Family Detention."  Grassroots Leadership is happy to send you a free copy, along with a guidebook to help you host a screening in your community, church, or local bible study group.

Please consider these resources as you lift to God our reporter and all the protesters at tomorrow's rally, as well as all immigrant families now in detention.

Read a letter signed by faith leaders that is being sent to President Obama today, calling for the end of incarcerating families.

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