Witness the Vote: Matthew 25 Voter Protection Project

Sojourners is launching a series of two webinars to inform faith communities across the country how they can actively love the ones Jesus called "the least of these" on Election Day.

voter-protection-project-sojournersThe first webinar for the Witness the Vote: Matthew 25 Voter Protection Project will take place on Wednesday, September 28 at 7pm ET. The next will be on October 11.

In the 25th chapter of Matthew, Jesus calls us to protect the "least of these" — the hungry, thirsty, and naked, strangers, those sick and in prison. Because the new voter restrictions are aimed at these very people, I call this effort "the Matthew 25 voter-suppression campaign," as it often targets our most vulnerable voters; protecting them now becomes a gospel issue. Deliberately suppressing voting rights is the most effective technique for those seeking to obstruct the changes brought about by the new demographics in this country. That is a fundamental moral issue, a democracy issue, not just a partisan one."

– Jim Wallis, Sojourners.

Learn more and register for both webinars at the Matthew 25 Voter Protection Webinars page.

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