Resources on Drone Warfare

by Joshua Carson


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The bibliography below is a list of resource materials that will help introduce readers to US drone warfare. I've also included several pieces related to the "war on terror." Be sure to check out our four-part series on drones, "Unjust Drone Warfare."

Part 1: Drones & the Just War Tradition

Part 2: The United States' Use of Drone Strikes

Part 3: US Unjust Drone Use

Part 4: How Christian Congregations Can Respond 


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Josh Carson is Pastor of Student Ministries at First Baptist Church of Bethlehem, PA, and is a Sider Scholar & Ayres Scholar with ESA while working on his M.Div. at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University. Read also his "Demons of the Skies," an article that looks at drones as demons.

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