Following the example of Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor, mobilizing people and resources worldwide

Like Jesus, Mercy Ships brings hope and healing to the poor. Like Jesus, Mercy Ships serves all people without regard for race, gender, or religion. They do this by using hospital ships to bring world-class medical assistance and long-term sustainable development to the poorest of the poor.  They do this with a multi-national crew and staff, with land-based teams to supplement the work of the ships.

Because of their work, and the healing power of Jesus, the blind see (cataract operations); the lame walk (orthopaedic operations); the mute speak (cleft-lip and palate operations); women regain reproductive health (VVF operations); and the Good News (the nature and character of a loving God) is proclaimed among the poor.

Medical and dental teams visit prearranged sites and establish field clinics.  They carry out vaccination programs, dental care, minor operations, and medical screening. Mercy Ships supports the training of local doctors and nurses, educating the local people in hygiene, nutrition, and basic health care.

As part of the long-term commitment to community development, Mercy Ships builds hospitals and clinics, as well as training facilities and basic housing.  Bringing training and advice, Mercy Ships partners with local people and empowers communities to help themselves. Agriculture and farming projects help communities become self-sufficient in food production. Animal husbandry projects, such as "Mercy Sheep" help to replenish livestock in war-torn areas.

Mercy Ships teams carry out tests on local water sources and supplies.  Wells are drilled to provide safe irrigation and drinking water.  Teams also assist with individual and community latrine construction.

Since its inception, Mercy Ships has provided tens of millions of dollars of medical equipment, hospital supplies, and medicines.

But the best way to get a feel for the work of Mercy Ships is to read about and see a sample of the people they serve. To view pictures and stories of patients before and after their operations onboard a Mercy Ship, click here –

Once you've read about the work they do, you will doubtless be interested in partnering with them.  To learn more go to

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