Prayer for Iraq

by Ron Sider

O Lord our God,

We hesitate to come before you with prayers about politics because our knowledge is so limited, our perspective so one-sided. Protect us, O Lord, from using our prayers as political propaganda.

But tens of thousands of people whom you love – Iraqis and Americans, Christians and Muslims – have been maimed or killed in Iraq. We must come to you for help.

O God of peace, freedom and justice, please bring the killing to an end. Please make Iraq and all the Middle East, indeed all your world, a land overflowing with genuine freedom and lasting justice.

Please grant that Americans seek, not that you be on our side, but that America be on your side. Grant America the humility to work respectfully with other nations in a true partnership.

Bring us quickly, O Lord, to the time when everyone may sit securely under their own vine and fig tree and no one will make them afraid. May your peace be our peace, O God of peace.

In the Name of Christ our Lord, the Prince of Peace.


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