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"Theology is a ghetto activity as insulated and uninteresting as the Saturday religion pages of the local paper. God know it's hard to make God boring, but American Christians, aided and abetted by theologians, have accomplished that feat."

– Stanley Hauerwas, DISPATCHES FROM THE FRONT, 1994.

"An Indian met Socrates in Athens and asked him to describe his philosophy. 'It is the study of human reality,' replied Socrates. At which the Indian burst out laughing. 'How can man study human reality,' he asked, 'when he knows nothing of divine reality?'"

– an anecdote reported by Eusebius of Caesarea (A.D.265-340) and credited to Aristoxenus the musician.

"I wouldn't have you prepare for yourself any way of grasping and holding the truth other than the one prepared by him who, as God, saw how faltering were our steps. That way is, first, humility; second, humility; third, humility; and as often as you ask, I'll tell you, humility."
– St. Augustine of Hippo, in a letter to Dioscorus, a student.

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