Lamentation for a Sad Day

Trayvon-Parents_610x407by Kristyn Komarnicki

In light of the horrendous injustice that George Zimmerman's full acquittal represents, we offer prayers for Trayvon Martin's family and community, for African American teen boys across the country and their families, and for George Zimmerman and his family. We also pray through the first chapter of Lamentations (try inserting "Justice" in place of "Jerusalem" for the female subject in this). Please pray with us.

1 How deserted lies the city,
once so full of people!
How like a widow is she,
who once was great among the nations!
She who was queen among the provinces
has now become a slave.

2 Bitterly she weeps at night,
tears are on her cheeks.
Among all her lovers
there is no one to comfort her.
All her friends have betrayed her;
they have become her enemies.

3 After affliction and harsh labor,
Judah has gone into exile.
She dwells among the nations;
she finds no resting place.
All who pursue her have overtaken her
in the midst of her distress.

4 The roads to Zion mourn,
for no one comes to her appointed festivals.
All her gateways are desolate,
her priests groan,
her young women grieve,
and she is in bitter anguish.

5 Her foes have become her masters;
her enemies are at ease.
The Lord has brought her grief
because of her many sins.
Her children have gone into exile,
captive before the foe.

6 All the splendor has departed
from Daughter Zion.
Her princes are like deer
that find no pasture;
in weakness they have fled
before the pursuer.

7 In the days of her affliction and wandering
Jerusalem remembers all the treasures
that were hers in days of old.
When her people fell into enemy hands,
there was no one to help her.
Her enemies looked at her
and laughed at her destruction.

8 Jerusalem has sinned greatly
and so has become unclean.
All who honored her despise her,
for they have all seen her naked;
she herself groans
and turns away.

9 Her filthiness clung to her skirts;
she did not consider her future.
Her fall was astounding;
there was none to comfort her.
"Look, Lord, on my affliction,
for the enemy has triumphed."

10 The enemy laid hands
on all her treasures;
she saw pagan nations
enter her sanctuary—
those you had forbidden
to enter your assembly.

11 All her people groan
as they search for bread;
they barter their treasures for food
to keep themselves alive.
"Look, Lord, and consider,
for I am despised."

12 "Is it nothing to you, all you who pass by?
Look around and see.
Is any suffering like my suffering
that was inflicted on me,
that the Lord brought on me
in the day of his fierce anger?

13 "From on high he sent fire,
sent it down into my bones.
He spread a net for my feet
and turned me back.
He made me desolate,
faint all the day long.

14 "My sins have been bound into a yoke;
by his hands they were woven together.
They have been hung on my neck,
and the Lord has sapped my strength.
He has given me into the hands
of those I cannot withstand.

15 "The Lord has rejected
all the warriors in my midst;
he has summoned an army against me
to crush my young men.
In his winepress the Lord has trampled
Virgin Daughter Judah.

16 "This is why I weep
and my eyes overflow with tears.
No one is near to comfort me,
no one to restore my spirit.
My children are destitute
because the enemy has prevailed."

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4 Responses

  1. Mike Nacrelli says:

    How exactly do you know for sure that Zimmerman's acquittal is a horrendous injustice? It's very possible that Zimmerman profiled Martin, picked a fight with him, and shot him when he started getting his ass kicked, but I don't believe that the prosecution proved that beyond a reasonable doubt, which is what our legal system requires for a conviction.

  2. Rev Michael Ward says:

    "…horrendous injustice…" You (Ms Komarnicki) may not agree with the verdict, but as a journalist your word choice could have been better. But then, perhaps you weren't trying report as much as incite. Honestly, I sometimes wonder why I continue to send ESA my annual subscription.

    • Kristyn Komarnicki says:

      While the law may have demanded that Zimmerman be acquitted, the law itself is unjust. In other words, the acquittal may be legal, but it is not just. When someone (who is armed) is granted the right to kill another (who is unarmed), simply because that someone is afraid of the other, it is an injustice. Perhaps if the "stand your ground" law were applied evenly, regardless of race, it would feel less unjust (see But I doubt it.

      Ask yourself how you would feel if you were the parent of a black teenage boy. What message did Zimmerman's acquittal send to all black male teens this week? This is a frightening message for our whole country, whether we find ourselves in the privileged (light-skinned) group or the targeted (dark-skinned) group.

      Here's an article that does a good job explaining the injustice —

      Praying for peace and justice,
      Kristyn Komarnicki

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