Why Progressive Christians Should Care About Abortion


by Rachel Held Evans

I knew what abortion was before I knew where babies came from.

Growing up in the evangelical subculture of the '80s and '90s, I was well versed in the language of the pro-life cause, as familiar with Roe vs. Wade and the silhouette of a tiny fetus as I was with Disney princesses and contemporary Christian music. My young mind grasped the essence of the pro-life argument—that all of life is valuable, no matter how small or vulnerable—but mistakenly reduced the solution to abortion to a single step—vote for a pro-life president, and abortion will go away. A Republican president meant no more dead babies. It was as simple as that.

…Until it wasn't. Read more.

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  1. Mike Nacrelli says:

    Evans notes that Roe v. Wade remained intact, even though Bush appointed conservative Supreme Court justices. This is true simply because he didn't have the opportunity to make any more Supreme Court judicial nominations. If McCain had beaten Obama in 2008, then he very likely would have appointed at least one more pro-life (or merely pro-Constitution) justice to the Supreme Court, tipping the balance against Roe. Instead, we got Kagan and Sotomayor, further entrenching Roe for at least another decade.

    The study Evans cites on global abortion rates and maternal mortality is well refuted here:


    Her vacillation on the humanity on the unborn reveals an ignorance of basic embryology and historic Christian teaching on abortion dating back to the early Church Fathers. She also ignores the abortion funding provisions of Obamacare:


    Finally, she makes no mention of the common-sense abortion restrictions, vehemently opposed by most "pro-choice" Democrats, that have been very effective in curtailing abortion in the states that have enacted them:


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