Institute for Family Vitality

The Institute for Family Vitality works to support the independence, integrity, and well-being of intergenerational working families by equipping students and the church to apply family strengthening approaches as a key strategy for success. The Institute trains students to understand the theology of holistic ministry and to apply the family strengthening model in their field of study; mentors "opportunity youth" to ensure success through college and beyond; and provides churches and communities nationwide with the tools to incubate transformative social programs and strengthen families.

We are also partnering with the Family Strengthening Network to provide Family Advocates in local churches and other organizations who can work with families on complex issues such as employment, housing, childcare, financial management, counseling, and many other important concerns.  If it's a problem in life, Family Advocates work to help find the answers.

If you would like to learn more about having a Family Advocate in your church, becoming a Family Advocate, or how you can help provide Family Advocates for others, please contact us at or (484) 384-2988.