Drone Liturgy

Liturgy of Lament:

A worship service to remember children killed by drones

by Theologies of Nonviolence and Social Change at Palmer Seminary | Evangelicals for Social Action

This worship service is a worship of lament and a prayer for peace. We are specifically focusing on the names of 113 children and youth who we know were killed by US drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan. These names are not an exhaustive list of all who suffer and die as the result of warfare, but they are names we know thanks to the research and documenting work of The Bureau of Investigative Journalism. As we move through this liturgy today, remember the lives of the children, women, and men who are affected by violence in their communities. Pray that we will be intentional to work for peace. Take the time to lament the loss of life and the devastation of families and communities. Confess your complicity. Praise the Prince of Peace and pray for the Kingdom of God to come.

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Jesus Loves the Little Children: A Liturgy of Lament from Evangelicals for Social Action on Vimeo.

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