13 Strategies for Seekers of Shalom

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By Vernon Grounds

1. Pray! Pray daily and specifically in keeping with I Timothy 2:1-5; II Corinthians 10:3-5; Ephesians 6:1-10.

2. Keep informed regarding the development of international and national affairs. Be concerned about the world, not just the church.

3. Unambiguously denounce and renounce war.

4. Study and ponder biblical ethics.

5. Critically examine traditional and prevalent
viewpoints and doctrines with respect to military policy—e.g., the just-war theory, pre-emptive strike, the pacifist and non-resistant options.

6. Recognize that Christians, while grateful citizens of a particular country, belong to a kingdom which is global. Refuse to be an uncritical nationalist or an idolatrous American.

7. Support the historic right to dissent.

8. Take seriously the New Testament demand for Christian nonconformity.

9. Recognize that obedience to our Lord Jesus is the master-criterion of discipleship, not political effectiveness nor pragmatic success.

10. Use whatever political and propaganda resources are available to oppose those forces, ideologies, and institutions which foster an anti-peace mind set and a pro-war mentality.

11. Stress the interconnectedness of justice and peace. Battle injustice insofar as that is possible.

12. Collaborate with all peace-lovers in peacemaking, regardless of theological and ideological differences but within the limits imposed by conscience.

13. Seek to be an agent of shalom in all personal relationships.

Vernon Grounds is a past president of ESA.

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