Oriented to Love Webinars

Photo by Mabel Amber (Pexels.com)

Welcome to the Oriented to Love webinar series! Oriented to Love is Evangelicals for Social Action's program to help Christians understand and connect with each other across deep difference. Our webinar series is designed to give you unique access to voices within the body of Christ that you might not otherwise have.

As societal understandings of gender and sexuality continue to shift, those of you who are pastors, lay leaders, or educators can easily find yourself unprepared for (or just uncomfortable with) some of the questions you are asked and the people you serve. You need a safe (even confidential) place to ask your own questions and a collegial community with whom to wrestle with these challenging issues—matters that may seem academic for some but for others can mean the difference between Christian community and isolation/loss of faith, sometimes even between life and death.

Regardless of your theological position—or confusion—on these matters, we want to offer you the chance to meet LGBTQ+ Christians in order to deepen your insights into these precious people who you may very well be serving without knowing it. This conversation is tailored to meet the specific needs of pastors, ministry leaders, and those involved in theological education. You'll hear from Jesus followers who have generously agreed to share their individual stories, respond to your questions, and engage in conversation with each other and attendees. They are willing to make themselves vulnerable in service to the Body.

Questions? Ask away!

Scheduled webinars include:

Christian, Queer and Celibate: A conversation with three Jesus followers who are living a vocation of celibacyTuesday, April 14, 3-4:30 ET

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Past webinars that have been recorded for viewing include:

Gender, Jesus, and the Body of Christ: A Conversation with Christians who have transgender or intersex experiences

Gay Marriage in the Body of Christ: A conversation with two same-sex married couples who love Jesus


Upcoming webinars not yet scheduled will include the voices of:

  • Christian parents of young adult gay children (June 2020)
  • Gender non-binary Christians