How to Partner with ESA

Like what you see? Want to join in/get involved/help out other Jesus followers work "on earth, as it is in heaven"?


We're hard at work—fighting poverty, creating safe dialogues that promote peace and reconciliation, mentoring young leaders to integrate evangelism and social justice, and training churches to engage in holistic ministry. We have big plans for the next five years to expand the work of the past 45. How will we do it? Together.


1. JOIN our community. We are justice-minded, Jesus-loving folks who want to live out the gospel in every part of our lives. Join us! Enjoy fresh new weekly content on the ESA website, join ESA's Facebook page, follow us on Twitter so you don't miss any of the new resources we're producing, presentations we're giving, or campaigns we're launching.

2. PRAY with us. We post prayer requests on our ESA Facebook page every week. Praying together will help guide our efforts and strengthen our faith.

3. ENGAGE in our action alerts. ESA's alerts mobilize our community to act on a wide range of issues, from building peace in the Middle East to fighting hunger in the U.S. Together we have the power to change the world.

4. GIVE to our mission. Commit to making an automatic monthly contribution to ESA. No amount is too small—if 1,000 people  join us in giving, we can focus 100% of our time and energy on our faith-informed justice work.

5. INVITE friends. Ask five friends to join us on Facebook, and help us expand our reach. Together, in Christ, we can do all things.