A Prayer of Peace (and a Lullaby) for the Holy Land

Illustration by Voloddymyr V. Martseniuk

Illustration by Voloddymyr V. Martseniuk

Lord of heaven and earth, we thank you for the current ceasefire in the Holy Land and ask you to provide the shalom and the strength needed for both sides to honor it. Thank you for your Spirit at work in the world. Comfort the brokenhearted. Encourage all who must now rebuild. And may no one forget the pointlessness of the destruction we humans inflict on each other. Let us all remember, honor, and even cherish our shared humanity, and seek nonviolent ways to express ourselves and to protect ourselves and our enemies … with love … from this day forward!


Listen to this beautiful song, "Thunder Below" by Lynne Jackson and Mike Palter, which reminds us that all children are God's children and that all mothers dream of peace and wholeness for their children. (Used by permission of Lynne Jackson and Mike Palter)

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