PrayforDREAMers Resources

Resources for the #PrayforDREAMers Public Prayer Campaign

Thank you for signing up to pray in public for the protection of immigrant families. This PrayforDREAMers resource page contains suggestions for action, digital downloads for use during your prayer time, and images to share on social media.

Spread the Word


You can pray on your own or with a group.

  • On your own: take a green index card, go to the intersection nearest you, and pray the Lord's prayer or your own prayer for healing, justice, and a legislative solution for DREAMers.
  • In a group: take posters (available for free download) and green index cards, go to a visible intersection in your city. Pray the Lord's prayer and hold a vigil for 15-30 minutes, praying as you are led.
  • At key legislative moments: Gather for prayer around government symbols (a border wall, a federal office building, a flagpole) and offer prayers for healing, justice, and the passage of the DREAM Act. We will send you an email notification when there's something urgent you need to know.

We are standing with DREAMers on Thursdays at 5:00 pm, and hope you will join us then. But the most important part of this effort is the action, not the specific day and time. Choose a day and time that you can pray consistently until legislation is passed. Pray the next time your book clubs meets or your band rehearses; pray as you transition from Sunday School to the Sunday worship service; pray after dinner, before walking into swim lessons, or on the way to school. Just choose a time and pray.

The #PrayforDREAMers prayer campaign will end when Congress passes clean legislation that ensures the security and stability of families and honors the image of God in every person.