Projects and Partners

Evangelicals for Social Action serves as a prophetic invitation to a life in Christ marked by the humble and cooperative pursuit of peace with justice for all. We curate challenging and thought-provoking articles for our blog, offer teaching and preaching, promote dialogue, and work with partner organizations.

ESA's Projects

ESA's Oriented to Love uses dialogue as a framework for transformation within the church. Dedicated to empowering Christians to better understand their brothers and sisters in Christ who hold sexual/gender identities and theological convictions different from their own, OTL gathers small but highly diverse groups of people for loving, in-depth encounters on level ground at the foot of the cross. A common faith in Christ binds them together to make their efforts productive, meaningful, and long-lasting.

CreatureKind works to engage the Christian church on animal welfare issues, with a particular focus on farmed animal welfare, a critical and often-overlooked aspect of creation care. CreatureKind focuses on partnerships for policy change, education, and community-building. CreatureKind is a project of Farm Forward and ESA. 

The Racial Justice Institute is a one-day workshop on racial justice facilitated by a gifted and wise, multiracial and interdisciplinary panel of facilitators. These workshops provide congregations and communities the opportunity to spend a full day talking about race in a way they may never have before. In addition, we develop a variety of experiences that engage people of faith around issues of identity, empire, history and justice at the intersection of race as a social issue. Christians are called to be one in Christ (Galatians 3:28) not to erase the beautiful differences the Creator bestowed upon humanity, but to utterly destroy the hierarchies and domination that humans attach to those differences. Through pilgrimage, discussion, media (writing, video, etc) and events, the Racial Justice Institute will be a innovative and brave space for racial justice dialog in the radically loving tradition of Jesus.

Sider Scholars are graduate students at Palmer Theological Seminary of Eastern University. Through their association with ESA, Sider scholars gain valuable experience in research, writing, and networking in holistic ministry, public policy, and social transformation as well as a greater understanding of how to integrate scholarship, popular writing, and organizing for social action. Sider Scholars are mentored by the faculty and staff of ESA and receive a 50% tuition discount.