Become a Ministry Partner

Local churches can be powerful agents of change in their communities and world. Evangelicals for Social Action (ESA) is committed to equipping churches and developing church leaders to do holistic ministry—evangelism, compassion & justice, reconciliation, and partnership—and to engage difficult social issues through loving, civil, and ongoing dialogue.

We are eager to walk alongside you as you live into your calling and serve your community and would love to partner with you to help realize this vision of local congregations living out holistic ministry.

Here are a five ways to get started:

  1. Invite an ESA representative to teach or preach. ESA can help walk your congregation into a deeper understanding of a host of theological and ethical issues, and give practical steps on how to make a difference right where they are. Contact us.
  2. Apply to attend an Oriented to Love Dialogue. Experience first-hand the transformative power of loving other Christ followers across sharp disagreements about what faithful sexuality looks like. You'll gain valuable insight and tools to engage division in your own congregation and community. Apply now.
  3. Place a Family Advocate in your congregation. Family Advocates work in local churches and other organizations to provide direct services to struggling families on complex issues such as employment, housing, childcare, financial management, and counseling. Learn more.
  4. Download one (or more) of our free resources. Use them to help your congregation develop a more holistic understanding of current social issues like immigration reform, or to talk generally about what it means to vote as a Christian. If you'd like our help putting together a resource on a topic that you don't see listed, let us know. View available resources.
  5. Give to ESA. One of the ways our ministry partners play a part in providing Jesus followers the tools to engage in holistic ministry and model open engagement among those who disagree, is through financial contributions. By giving to ESA, you will help foster a culture of holistic ministry in the body of Christ. With your help, we can increase our reach in and through other local congregations. We want to challenge and equip churches around the country and world to engage in relevant issues. We want to strengthen their witness, by equipping them via their preaching, teaching and practice to engage in evangelism, compassion, justice and reconciliation ministries. You can check out testimonies from a few of our mission partners to see what we mean. Donate now.