Racial Justice Institute

The Racial Justice Institute (RJI) works to develop materials, experiences and trainings that engage Christians around issues of justice at the intersection of race and ethnicity. We believe Christians are called to be one in Christ (Galatians 3:28) not by erasing the beautiful differences the Creator bestows upon humanity, but instead by building on the strength of diversity to dismantle the domination attached to those differences and co-create beloved community. Through pilgrimage, discussion, media, writing, events, and support of historically marginalized voices, the Racial Justice Institute will be an innovative and brave space for racial justice dialogue in the radically loving tradition of Jesus.

The Racial Justice institute is led by Program Manager Andre Henry, in conjunction with Racial Justice Fellow Micky ScottBey Jones.

Recently, the Racial Justice Institute presented at the Liberating Evangelicalism: Decentering Whiteness conference on the subject of creating subversive liturgies. The workshop explored the need for creating liturgies that create space for people of color and black people to name their social realities in the presence of God, and to engage hope for social transformation as an essential part of Christian hope.

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