Black Boy

By Marissa Mack

Black boy

I cry for you every night

This world has

No love for you

Despite what you may do for it

You have become a target

Something plastered on the news

Something sexualized

Something demonized 

Something that you are not

Black boy 

I see your hashtags

Every week

Every day

Every hour

They steal your life

Only to capsulize it 

on social media

It seems, black boy 

That they only see you 

For what you have been portrayed

A thug

A thief 

A miscreant 

A slave

Others prop themselves 

Off of your back

Off of your work

Off of your sacrifice

Off of your life

Black boy

Don't let this fool you

You are more than the lies

And more than headlines

And more than anyone could ever imagine

Black boy

Keep your head up high

Though these troubling tides may push to consume you

Remember that there's always a masterpiece

After every storm 

And one that lies within you

Black boy

Black brother

My brother

Do not be discouraged

Your time will come

A time to repair the you

That has been shattered

Because to me

To you

To us

You, Black boy



This poem was performed as a spoken word piece for the Just Mercy Summit at Eastern University.

Marissa Mack is an 18 year old graduate of The Christian Academy. She is currently attending Eastern University, where she is studying Psychology. Upon finishing her studies, she hopes to become a High School Guidance Counselor. Marissa has a heart for people and hopes to change lives through her empathy, compassion and sharing her voice.

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