We Oppose the Death Penalty, and Let's not Forget the Families of Murder Victims!

VOCADear friends,

Family members of murder victims have been critical partners in collective efforts to end the death penalty. These family members remind us how important it is to support access to quality victims services that help rebuild people's lives after such an unthinkable tragedy.

Funding for those services is under threat.

Every year, Congress sets a level of spending from a fund known as VOCA to support victims services like those for murder victims' families. (These are not tax dollars.) Last year Congress raised the "VOCA cap," making it possible for more funds to go to the most under-served communities. Now, Congress could cut those dollars in half again.

Take action now to email your Senators and Representative. Tell them not to cut VOCA funds.

After you email, you can have even more impact by calling. Dial 202.224.3121. Choose "Representative" and then enter your zip code to be transferred. When you are done leaving a message for your Representative, call back and follow the same process to leave messages for your Senators.

Suggested message to deliver when call: "My name is […] and I'm a constituent in your district. Please don't cut the VOCA cap in the budget this year. These funds provide vital victim services that keep people safe and help them heal. Please tell your colleagues in leadership and the appropriations committee that it is important to keep the VOCA cap where was last year."

Here are a couple of sample social media posts:
When tragedy strikes many crime survivors have nowhere to go for help. Tell Congress #DontCutVOCA.
Victims services save lives and help communities heal, but $ is at risk. Tell Congress #DontCutVOCA.

Thank you!

P.S. The movement to repeal the death penalty has pioneered bridge-building between criminal justice reform advocates and crime survivors. Victims' families and groups like MVFR have shared painful stories for the good of death penalty repeal. Now, the repeal movement has a chance to give back. Don't let Congress cut the VOCA cap. Act today for victims' families and all survivors of crime.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I agree wholeheartedly and would also add that VOCA funds are also used for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. In some cases, these are literally life-saving services. Cutting VOCA should not be an option! Thanks for highlighting this important issue.

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