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Great news – The first print run of Ron Sider's newest book, THE SCANDAL OF THE EVANGELICAL CONSCIENCE: WHY ARE CHRISTIANS LIVING JUST LIKE THE REST OF THE WORLD?, sold out in its first month of sales!

Here's what people are saying about it:

"Every now and then, somebody needs to step on the toes of the body of Christ. Reading this book may make you wince, but the pain of self-examination is worth it."

– David Neff, editor and vice president, CHRISTIANITY TODAY

"THE SCANDAL OF THE EVANGELICAL CONSCIENCE summons us to take the gospel seriously. For the good of society – and perhaps even for the sake of our souls – we had better take notice."

– Randall Balmer, author, GROWING PAINS: Learning to Love My Father's Faith

"When the behavior of members of a religious movement turns out to be little better, and sometimes worse, than that of its neighbors, leaders and members of that movement should take notice. They should ask some deep questions not only about that behavior but also about the systems that produce or support it. Ron Sider has me asking those kinds of questions, thanks to his clear diagnosis and thoughtful prescription."

– Brian McLaren, pastor, author

"If you've ever wondered why today's evangelicals lack the societal influence their numbers would seem to bestow, Ron Sider offers an answer."

– Duane Litfin, president, Wheaton College

"The conscience of many evangelicals has been programmed more by social patterns than by the Scripture. In this work Ron Sider gives us an impressive critique of this scandal and calls us to a rediscovery of the ethics of Christ."

– Myron S. Augsburger, president emeritus, Council for Christian Colleges & Universities

"Ron Sider's greatest gift to the church is his willingness to tell us the hard, obvious truth about ourselves. This book is strong medicine – a diagnosis that will take your breath away, but also a prescription that could make the difference between life and death for biblical faith in America."

– Andy Crouch, former editor, RE:GENERATION QUARTERLY

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