Selling Lies

Please join us in taking on and deconstructing the consumer culture we live in and are expected to imbibe uncritically. God has given us brains, discernment, and new hearts! Let's use those things to call out the ridiculous lies that corporations try to sell us through their advertisements.

We invite you to send us any ads you spot, like the ones below, that are selling more than just a product. Tell us what lie you see being sold and where you found the ad, and we'll post as many here as we can. (We also invite you to contact the corporate offices of any ads you find offensive or false. Consumer push-back really does make a difference.)


Now here's an inspiring scenario for children's "action figures": anthropomorphized products (lipstick, donuts) that predict "Once you shop…you can't stop!" Is that scary enough for you?


Lie: It's sexy, fun, and totally OK to drug the drink of a woman you're attracted to! Go for it! (Bloomingdale's 2015 Christmas catalog)


Lie: Peace = plugged in, zoned out, shut up kids! Not harmonious connection. Silly us. (Radio Shack print ad)

verizon ad

Thanks"getting"? No thanks, Verizon.


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