We Can Change Things

I dream that a day will come when women will have a position, that they will have voice in our country. Because when they have voice, some of the things that we see as injustice, we can rearrange things. We can change things.

~ Sister Patricia Chinyere Oranefo

The Center for Women, Faith & Leadership Fellowship Program is an innovative, two-year program that offers women of faith the opportunity to increase their capacity and leadership skills, in order to more fully address religious freedom, conflict resolution, and peacebuilding in their own contexts. During their time in the program, Fellows learn from one another and from a network of experts in order to enhance their leadership, cross-cultural communication, and negotiation skills.

The Fellowship concludes with a project where Fellows work to apply their skills and networks to a particular issue or challenge. In the process, these Fellows demonstrate how women of faith can play integral roles in decision-making in global and community affairs, while also building a global movement of women experienced and equipped to be difference-makers both in analyzing problems and implementing practical solutions.

Watch the video of Sister Patricia Chinyere Oranefo to hear how one CWFL Fellow is heeding the call to do God's work in Nigeria.

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