Because Economic Justice is Biblical

by Ron SiderBECAUSE-biblical

It was better than nothing — but just barely.

It avoided "the fiscal cliff" for two months, but basically just kicked down the road the huge, key decisions.

We must demand that our politicians in Washington set aside their outrageous partisanship and make some tough decisions.

The US economy is not in an immediately desperate situation. But it will be unless we get a major bargain that involves genuine compromises by Republicans and Democrats.

We need to:

  1. make some changes in the key entitlement programs (Social Security and Medicare) so they become solvent for the long term;
  2. invest in infrastructure, education and research to build a stronger economic future;
  3. cut the defense budget some;
  4. refuse to balance the budget on the backs of the poor. We must strengthen effective programs that empower poorer Americans.

The only way to move Washington politicians toward a sane, just, long-term solution is for large numbers of citizens to write, call, email their politicians and demand genuine political negotiation and wise flexibility from everyone.

For a careful, much more detailed plan, see my Fixing the Moral Deficit.

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