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lent-comment-017by Jen Carpenter

Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven.  The liturgical season of Lent is one of the most powerful seasons in the life of the church.  Though there are many Lenten devotionals, books, pictures for reflection, blogs, Bible studies, groups and worship services to engage, there is one resource that we feel stands out among the crowd: A Journey Into Wholeness: Soul Travel From Lent to Easter, compiled by Christine Sine, Kristin Carroccino, and Ricci Kilmer.

Christine Sine has been a co-conspirator with husband Tom for many years now, providing resources through "Godspace," for those who are on (or even considering) the journey with Christ. This beautiful and challenging resource invites followers to engage anew in the season of Lent in order that we may fully celebrate on Easter Sunday.

One of the unique features about this resource includes its focus on community. Readers are challenged to read this in community with others while sharing a meal together each week.  (There is even an additional encouragement to consider the "Mutunga Challenge.")  Each week involves a litany with different focal points that are both individual and corporate, in community and in the world.  These points include repentance, hunger, poverty, creation care, unity in the church and—of course—Lent and Easter.

A Journey Into Wholeness invites us to consider a Lenten journey that is so much more than simply giving up something for 40 days.  Instead, we are invited into a season of intentionality in our relationship with God and neighbor that will open us up to these practices long after Lent has passed.

We leave you with a quote from Christine that expresses our heart for Lent as well: "I want to become all that God intends me to be.  I want to leave behind all that hinders me from becoming that person.  I want to thirst for righteousness and hunger for justice rather than for water and food.  It is not an easy journey, but then neither was Jesus' journey through the cross to resurrection."

Additional Lenten resources from GodSpace include:

  1. Music for Lent
  2. Daily Scripture readings for Lent
  3. Celebrating Lent with kids
  4. And more


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  1. Thanks ESA for your supportiveness of what we do and for these very kind words about MSA resources.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation! I also created a list of Lenten Resources– some for adults, and some for children/families! Thought I'd share … 🙂 http://www.playeatgrow.com/2014/02/lent-resources-for-whole-family.html

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